Oil filters


  • GKI is your source for high efficiency and durable oil filters
  • GKI oil filters are manufactured with a high-quality media to optimize performance 
  • GKI oil filters include a gasket that stays flexible and tightly sealed
  • GKI oil filters have a Heavy Duty Baseplate that features a fully tucked double seam
  • GKI Anti-Drainback Valve withstands extreme temperature fluctuations
  • GKI oil filters are fitted with Stamped End Caps that contain a plastisol sealant; media is deeply embedded into sealant
  • GKI oil filters have a steel coil spring that securely holds components in place reinforced with relief valve
  • GKI oil filter End-Caps containing By-Pass Valves as per OE requirements 

GKI oil filters provide high efficiency, durability, and performance that comes with 40 years of engineering, production and testing expertise.